Where My Satin Angoras Live

I just had to share Cocoa’s summer day outing and Meringue’s They both love cold apples as a treat on a summer day. Tweet: My bunnies love treats http://ctt.ec/o2yDS+



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Jogging…Creations…Type 1

My husband and I are now jogging enthusiasts! He ran his first 5k last Saturday.

I was so proud of him! Now the challenge is to keep going. This heat is a killer for me at 88F at 5:30pm as that’s when our group meets. I’m so looking forward to the PNW weather and early evenings after work. I have tried to jog at 6am but right now I have to drive my daughter to work about that time. By the time I get back it’s rush hour and I refuse to jog in that traffic.
After running a 10k what have you done to keep motivated? Also, what is your diet like? I’ve purchased the book and am trying to follow a Paleo diet. I love my cereal so this is proving to be a challenge! Any suggestions?

After finishing my shawl I knit a pair of socks

20140716-214700-78420115.jpgto test out a vanilla pattern (this yarn is not my angora; just trying out a pattern) for my new yarn base coming in October. I’m so excited! It will be a targhee, angora, nylon fingering weight blend. Right now I’m researching color ways of bold saturated colors; not light pastels you usually see in angora yarns.

The heat is a killer with Type 1. You get dehydrated… it raises your blood sugar which causes you to get more dehydrated…spiral effect. Water intake is so important!

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10k…Creations…Type 1

Well I did it! On July 4th I ran 10k in 77 min 23 seconds! It was a sunny, low 60ish with a cool breeze off the ocean front. I didn’t place near the front but I wasn’t last either; more importantly I finished. Heck, I even sprinted at the end too.


So this marks the end of this segment in my blog and this Sunday come visit me again for a new life adventure!
Today’s post is about big finishes! The Shawl is done and blocked. I’m pleased with how it looks after blocking it. It is super warm, lots to wrap around, and the angora doesn’t shed at all!

20140711-062112-22872672.jpg. This is my lovely daughter modeling it for me. Think she’ll take it to nursing college with her. Here is the project details.

Now I’m onto another project which is a lot smaller and keeps you warm from bottom up…see it Sunday.
Type 1
My family member is running a 5k tomorrow with Type 1 diabetes. It had been a lot of hard work compared to me; testing through the nite and he couldn’t of done it without his CGS! New technology is wonderful and a real life saver as it alarmed him a few nights that he was going low. Diabetes doesn’t turn off at nite; you can’t hit an off switch!

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10k…Creations…Type 1

We had our class on Tuesday and I swear it was one of my worst runs! I hadn’t had enough water the past two days and it sure did show! I also started out too fast and burned out too quickly. On Thursday I ran and did okay for a light run. However, I ran in track pants and got too warm; shorts are needed this time of year! On Saturday I ran early in the morning so the air was a bit cool and it felt fantastic! I had 1/2 a banana and 1/4 cup of almond milk before I set out. I ran at a even pace holding my self back a little as I was going for a 65 minute run. I ran 5.75 miles! I thought I had ran 4.65 but realized I hadn’t set my app till I was over 10 minutes into my run. My husband got in his car and drove the route and said I almost did 6 miles; made my day. The rest of the day I really had to stretch a lot off and on as my hip flexors got very tight; today they seem pretty good. Less then two weeks to go for the 10k!
I’m almost finished my shawl! I will have it finished later tonite or tomorrow then I need to block it. I say this shawl is a learning experience and I know what I would do differently! It was suggested to me today to use very large needles where I knit with Angelic Pearl so that the shawl would have a lot more drape to it – wish I thought of that! Anyway here it is:

I’m also shipping two pounds of angora to be processed into yarn tomorrow. It will be a targee/angora/nylon (60/20/20) blend heavy fingering weight. I will carry this yarn hand dyed in my shop

If you had to live a regimented schedule day after day how would you feel?

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10k…Creations…Type 1

Yippee I’ve broken the 4 mile mark! Saturday is my long run day and I ran. I actually just ran while listening to the music and taking in the sites (cars passing me on a busy street; ugh). I should of gone a lot earlier but it was a cool Pacific Northwest morning and I wanted to curl up with my coffee and my knitting before venturing out. Last week was a bit stressful for me as I had some medical tests on Tuesday (didn’t run at class but met the group to cheer them on including my husband who’s just starting out) and had to wait all week to get the good news! Withy mind being preoccupied I’m writing this entry two days late. This evening is my class. I’m sure the trainer will have me running 50 minutes. It’s only a high of 67F so it should be great to jog in! Just over two weeks to 10k!


What was I thinking? I had to tink back my Hrim shawl as I disliked where I placed the fine yarn. Now I’m much more pleased! It’s coming along nicely now; I’ve changed up the rows of of each yarn a bit but the main design will be the same.

Type 1 diabetes
It’s not just about sugar!

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10K…Creations…Type 1

I did it! I ran 4 miles yesterday. Our class was a 40 minute jog and two other jogs this week; one 40 minute and one 47 minutes. It takes me to the 2.5 mile mark to warm up and get in the zone and then it feels great and exhausting at the same time. Less then a month to go!
My Hrim shawl is coming along nicely; I’ve just added Angelic Pearl and I love the texture and great warmth it brings.


20140608-223548-81348196.jpg I’m spacing the stripes a little differently then the pattern. I have some skeins available at my shop. Just click here

Type 1

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10k…Creations…Type 1

I mentioned last week that our instructor was going to be away for the class and I wasn’t sure who was going to show up to run. Well a few people arrived but we all ran on our own. My run was not as productive as it had been in the past. At first I couldn’t find the trail, and second I didn’t have my watch so I had to use my iPhone app program which was a nuisance because I keep my iPhone in my waist belt…I felt like I didn’t get in the zone! I kept telling myself that the most important thing was that I showed up and I ran my 40 minutes.

I started doing a weight routine this past week to help build up my strength and was a bit sore on Friday. I plan on doing weights Mon., Wed., and Friday.
I went out Saturday to run with my husband and I had to turn back…don’t wear black leggings in 74F weather with a long sleeve t shirt!!
So as you can see this week had its downs. But I’m still determined for what tho week holds and look forward to getting stronger.

Two new creations this week…hand dyed Angelic Pearl and Intertwined. I loved doing the dip dyeing!



Type 1

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If you ever get a chance read tweets by @healthyliving; their tweets parallel life’s lessons to success in so many ways. I love “@mhealthylife: Everyone falls down. Only the best get back up.” Check out other tweets I love at @onaquestforfiber. I love reading these before I go for a run to get me energized to meet my goal.

Went to my class last Tuesday and had to ramp up to a 40 minute jog. Thank goodness it was cooler and the trail we ran only had a few small hills. I set my http://www.runkeeper.com and my http://www.springmoves.com for some good music and off I went. I ended up running 3.49 miles and 11:49 was my pace. I felt fabulous! I had to run 35 min on Thursday and 40 min on Saturday. Those two runs were good but my pace was around 12:30 (I blame it on more hills). Tomorrow our group is meeting on our own as our instructor is away; hoping for a good turn out.

I found a pattern called Hrim by Bristol Ivy Designs to use with my Angelic Pearl. I’ve made some progress but it doesn’t look like much to write home about yet.

20140526-124940.jpgI also listed two new yarns on Ravelry so if your a member take a look.

Type 1
This weeks video
it’s not just about avoiding sugar

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10K Progress…More Creations…Type 1

Last Tuesday was my second jogging class. We had to jog 12 minutes, walk 30 seconds, and do that sequence two additional times. It had been 80F all day and I was not use to the hot weather (I started jogging last October) but we ended up jogging on a trail that was shaded from the trees so it felt 10 degrees cooler and wonderful!
My homework was to jog the same sequence one other day and a different sequence on Saturday. On Thursday I didn’t go out running till 10am as I was working on onaquestforfiber in the morning and lost track of time. I should of known when I started that wearing black track pants was a mistake; It was muggy and felt like 80F. I kept to the sequence but was very light headed afterwards. Note to self…keep hydrated if your going to run 5k!
On Saturday morning I went for my “long jog” which was suppose to be 12 min run 30 sec walk, 18 min run 30 sec walk, 12 min run. However, I ended up doing 12 min run 30 sec walk, 30 min run! It felt wonderful. At first I planned to just do 18 min jog but then I thought why not just try and see if you can keep going; worst thing that will happen is that I’ll have to walk 30 sec at some point…didn’t happen! I’m learning to listen to my body and not the doubt that enters my brain! We are capable of doing so much if we release the self doubt in ourselves. I look forward to this coming class on Tuesday and the challenge that will be a head of me.

More Creations


You have all been so supportive with my new creations. Thank you for the lovely comments you personally sent my way. This past week I went to Serial Knitters to find some yarn to use with my angora handspun. Well after meeting the staff I ended up purchasing this pattern. I can’t wait to get this cast on to show you all the possibilities with this new yarn.

Type 1

Wonderful technology that could save $$$$ if all had access to one

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10k…New Creations and Type 1

Last Tuesday I started training for a 10k on July 4th. I ran a 5k during Thanksgiving and have kept running off and on since then.

I can’t get over how running a race parallels with a persons own personal life; it’s your race, at your pace, not to be compared to others. If you try to catch up to others you won’t finish the race. You need to plan for the future and step by step you’ll cross the center line.

This past week I had to run 3 days, doing three segments of run 8 minutes walk 30 seconds. We (my husband and I) enrolled in a class that has students that have never run to those who have done multiple marathons. It’s very inspirering as we learn a lot from each other. This Tuesday is our next class and the instructor said we are ramping up quite a bit….better do some good stretching tomorrow!

New Creations
This year OnaQuestforFiber has been all about rolags. My Etsy shop still has some for sale. However, now that it is May and almost half way through the year I’ve decided to change things up a bit. I’m creating yarn that is handspun and handpainted by me. It is an angora/Rambouillet (50/50) blend. The Rambouillet has so much bounce and is very warm! Here is a picture of a skein that is 300 yards and 2ply (one ply Ramboulliet and one ply satin angora). I’m trying to decide if I should keep it, do a giveaway, or list it… It’s my baby!


I saved the thing I’m most passionate about last; Type 1 Diabetes. I Want to share a video that I think will give you a glimpse of what it is.
Type 1 Diabetes

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